Self Storage Kidderminster

Simple, Secure And Reliable Self Storage Containers Are Available At Lisle Self Storage Kidderminster For All Your Personal, Commercial Or Business Belongings At Affordable Prices In All Sizes. Our Self-Storage Containers Are Easy To Access And Completely Safe With Secure Locks On Them At All Times.

Personal Self Storage Kidderminster
Get Authorized Personal Storage Containers In Kidderminster From Lisle Self Storage And Store All Your Precious Personal Belongings At A Safe Location With Peace Of Mind. Only You Get In Your Containers. Lock Away What Is Yours Until You Need It Back For Usage Anytime.

Business Self Storage Kidderminster
Lisle Self Storage Offers Commercial Storage Options For Businesses To Off-Load All Their Storage Items At Our Safe, Secure And 24/7 Available Sites In Kidderminster. Now You Don’t Have To Worry About Any Of Your Business Belongings. Everything Will Be Safe With Lisle Self Storage Kidderminster For Until You Need It.
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Self Storage Cradley Heath

Lisle Self Storage Cradley Heath B64

Lisle Self Storage is one of the most reliable container storage service providers in the UK. Our self storage Cradley Heath service is available for everyone in the B64 postcode region. We offer quality storage options with large 20ft containers available at cheap rental prices. Our professional business storage and personal storage solutions make it easy for people of Cradley Heath to store away all their lesser used items and belongings knowing they will always be kept safe. Our container storage comes with affordable plans and:

  • Free car parking available at our Kidderminster self storage facility for Cradley Heath people
  • Wide 3-acre storage facility offering easy access for everyone from Cradley Heath
  • More than 226 large 20ft containers available for all small to large belongings
  • Business storage and personal storage plans starting from £120 a month only
  • 24-hour secure CCTV and manned security available on site for all containers
  • Reliable locking systems limiting access to authorized personal only at all times
  • Always available forklift making storage for large heavy items easy and accessible
  • No minimum contracts, storage available for any length of time and number of days


24-Hour Enhanced CCTV Security

Lisle Self Storage offers cheap storage solutions with our large 20ft containers for all individuals and business owners in Cradley Heath, B64 region. We provide 24-hour enhanced CCTV security where all our containers are recorded for everything that happens near and around them. A team of dedicated monitoring experts keeps a close watch on the TV screens. We also have 24-hour available manned security with professional experts safeguarding your containers and their ingredients at all times. There is also reliable locking system in place on all our containers offering access only for authorized personal.

Call us now and find out more about our secure self storage solutions for all your personal and business belongings.


Easy Access – Convenient Storage for Cradley Heath

Lisle Self Storage Cradley Heath offers a convenient container storage solution for all individuals and business owners. We have more than 226 large 20ft containers at our Kidderminster self storage site that is only 11 miles away from Cradley Heath. Drive down to us on any of your personal or commercial vehicles and get quality personal storage or business storage solutions. Our dedicated forklift makes storage and accessibility for all large and heavy belongings easy and reliable. We provide storage that is easy to access and reliable with peace of mind at all times in Cradley Heath.


No Minimum Contract – Affordable Storage in Cradley Heath

Where other container storage service providers might need you to fill long-term contracts that you will need to fulfil as well, Lisle Self Storage Cradley Heath doesn’t at all. There is no minimum contract to be filled. A base rate of £120 a month applies to all our self storage options that is scaled to your needs and storage preferences. Storage & removals service is also available helping you with your next shifting and moving project in or near Cradley Heath, B64 region. Store all your excessive belongings with us for yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis as required.


Secure Container Storage in Cradley Heath

Looking for cheap container storage solutions for all your business or personal items or belongings? You are at the right place. Lisle Self Storage offers large containers that offer affordable self storage for all small to large items including:

  • Personal and commercial cars, minivans, boats, motorcycles, bikes and other vehicles
  • Domestic furniture items including beds, sofas, tables, chairs, dressers and all others
  • Kitchen and household electric equipment including microwaves, ovens, fridges and washers
  • Tools and equipment for the gents including garage items and all other excessive tools
  • Domestic storage belongings including movable closets, drawer sets and all other storages
  • Office stationery items including excessive paperwork or filing cabinets and others
  • Office and business equipment including printers, scanners, computers, laptops and others
  • Restaurant furniture, kitchen excessive items and all others on long and short-term basis
  • Expensive and valuable art pieces including portraits, drawings, sculptures and other pieces
  • All other items and belongings that can fit inside 20ft containers

Call now or get a quick quote here from our website for secure container storage options in Cradley Heath at cheap container rental prices.